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Passionate About Financial Freedom

For me, it all started with a pop machine, or a "soda" machine for all you weird people out there. Little did I know, that machine would teach me so many business lessons over my life and it still does to this day. It was a tradition and a tool my Grandpa used to teach us grand kids about money and hence the reason behind the name of this website. First my sister, then my brother, then me, then my cousin, then my other cousin, and now finally back to me.

This machine started with my sister at a young age and when she grew up and went to college it was passed on to my brother for a few years and then again to me when he went to college and so on. It is a very simple Pepsi machine. You fill it, wait a while for someone to come buy the pop, then you collect, count, and stack the coins; over and over again before taking it to the store to buy more inventory. I can remember grandpa forcing us to learn the bookkeeping side of things by filling out paper spreadsheets. We hated this because all we wanted to do was take the massive pile of coins and go spend it.This taught me a powerful lesson about money at an early age and I'm so thankful I had that experience at such a young age. It taught me the value of entrepreneur ism and the importance of finding creative ways for money to work for you instead of you working for money. It taught me that anyone can become financially independent if they set their minds to it and dare to dream bigger than everyone else.

I believe in doing things differently from the rest of the world. You're never going to hear me preaching that everyone should go to college or you need a high paying job to become rich. In fact, I think it's pretty easy to become rich even on a very low salary if you apply a little patience, common sense, and discipline. My friends would definitely tell you I'm "cheap." That's okay, though, I love hearing that because it gives me a constant reminder of the future I'm building for me and my family. You see, I don't have kids yet (unless you count my crazy blue great dane, Luna), but when I do I don't want to miss a thing. I don't want to feel like I have to go to work everyday to make ends meet. I don't want to live paycheck to paycheck constantly worrying about money and how I'll pay the next bill. I want to take my family on nice vacations someday and live in a beautiful home. I also want to help others and make the world a better place. All of these things can be achieved through wealth generation and anyone can generate wealth, it's as simple as that.

I'm passionate about investing and creating passive streams of income. I'm also passionate about sharing these ideas with others and working together to make these things happen. This blog and my YouTube channel to come is something I should have done years ago, but taking action now is better than never taking action at all. I hope you come and stay here often. I want to help you understand your investments, your insurance, and your financial well being. Let's learn from each other and become financially free, one coin stack at a time.

  • Previously Series 7 Licensed

  • Previously Series 63 Licensed

  • NY & PA Property & Casualty Insurance License

  • NY & PA Life & Health Insurance License

  • Passed Level II of the CFA Program

  • Owner of Boxit-N-Lockit, LLC, a portable and self storage company.

  • Owner of MyShack Properties, LLC, a rental property company.

  • Experience as a International Financial Reporting Analyst at Vanguard.

  • Experience as a Personal & Commercial Insurance Agent.

  • Stock Market Investor

  • BA of Science in Finance

Fun Facts
  • I'm 26

  • I graduated high school with 30 kids in my class

  • Most of my town is amish

  • Graduated from West Virginia University with a BA in Finance

  • Huge Warren Buffett and Jack Bogle nerd.

  • I'm obsessed with starting businesses and coming up with business ideas.

  • My obsession for Chick Fil A is weird. I worked there in college and I think it's one of the best highschool/college jobs you can have.

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