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November 2019 Financial Statement

Updated: Dec 24, 2019


As expected, November was a light month for dividends.

Most of the stocks and funds I own pay dividends on a quarterly basis. This means that 4 months of the year is mostly where I earn all of my dividend income and the rest of the months will be much smaller in the amount I collect.

Real Estate

November was another good month for real estate. I collected all of the rent on time from all of my tenants and there were no surprises. Although there were no expenses during this month other than my mortgage payments, this is not the norm. It just depends when those other expenses come. Some months have them and some months don't!

Pop Machine

I'll be honest, I haven't checked my pop machine recently. It's getting to be about that time where I really need to go check it. Hopefully I'll have an update next month.


It was another solid month for my business, Boxit-N-Lockit. November is the start of my slow season. Many of my customers who have units will continue to rent through the winter and not need any units moved, but it's also a time of year where I usually don't pick up a lot of new customers, because let's be honest who wants to work on projects or move during the winter?

If you're new here and you're not familiar with my side business, check out my website


I currently maintain a full time job working as the Business Manager for the City I live in. This has been a great experience so far and is really helping me learn a lot about local government.

In addition, it's helping me to build upon my financial skills. I am constantly working on and checking on the budget in this job, which forces me to think about my own financials more and has helped me to become better at tracking my overall financials.

My current salary in this job is $61,360 per year. A lot of people would call me crazy for posting my annual salary, but since it's a government position my salary is publicized anyhow, so it doesn't bother me to post it publicly on a blog no one is reading!

A salary of $61.360 translated to net earnings after taxes and deductions in November of $3,449.15.

From those net earnings I was able to make contributions to my various investment accounts of $1,783.20. That equates to a savings rate of 51.69%.

How did you do in November? Let me know in the comments below. Personal finance is a long game and it's important to stay consistent. Always pay yourself first and make investing as automatic as possible and never give up!



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