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February 2018 Income Report

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to my second monthly income report.

My second month was significantly better in the new year. That's largely due to the performance of my self storage business, Boxit-N-Lockit, in February.

Take a look below!

Passive Income Report February 2018


February was another light month for dividends, but that's expected. The vast majority of my investments only pay dividends on a quarterly basis.

With that being said, it was still quite a jump over January's dividend earnings of $25.69.

Check back for my March, June, September, and December reports so you can really see how much dividend income I'm making!

None of these income figures are posted here to brag, it's simply a way of showing you that achieving a level of passive income that you can leave your job over is entirely possible!

I'm no where ready to leave my job yet, but stay tuned as it won't be long!

Real Estate

February was another status quo month for my real estate passive income. Luckily I haven't had any repairs recently to worry about (knock on wood).

Currently, the other side of my duplex rents for $400 per month as you can tell in the report above. That is actually about $100-$150 under current market rents.

However, it's actually my future brother-in-law and his wife that live in the other side. They were actually living in the unit long before I purchased the property.

The opportunity presented itself and they did not want to purchase it. They are looking to find their forever home to start a family.

It's really worked out great and they are obviously fantastic tenants so I am okay with having under market rents for a while until they find their new home.

After all, I don't think my future brother-in-law would pay the increased rent even if I tried.

Perks of his sister being engaged to the landlord I suppose!

Pop Machine

I went another month without going to the pop machine. The winter months are really slow for the machine and especially this one.

I live in the snowbelt part of the country and I'm located about an hour and a half south of Buffalo (Go Bills). This area receives some of the most annual snow fall per year and this year was no exception.

The summer months are a bit busier for the machine so I will check in on it more often then.

Overall, I expect the machine to make me about $350 total this year. Nothing to hoot and holler about, but that number will only compound over time.


Still another big fat $0 this month for this category. One of my goals for 2018 is to hit $100 in blogging income.

I'll really need to ramp up my blogging efforts and get serious about it if I'm going to be able to hit my goal.

I know it seems small, but with blogging earning any sort of income at all is a major first accomplishment, but I'm bound and determined to do it.


Self storage was good to me this month. For the most part the income is pretty steady month to month.

Typically my occupancy ratio exceeds 90% per month, but with that being said it can still fluctuate month to month with move ins and move outs.

Compared to last month, I had quite a few more move ins which contributed to the nice boost and a total of $1,757.80 after expenses.

Thanks for taking the time to read my monthly income reports. Make sure to stop back next month to see how I did in March!


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