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January 2018 Income Report

Hey Everyone! This is my first monthly income report.

I'll be posting these once every month so I can give updates on how my passive income is building over time.

Make sure to check back often for updates!


As many of you know, dividends are my favorite form of passive income.

January was a small month for dividends, but that's expected as most stock investments and mutual funds only pay dividends on a quarterly basis.

So, for that reason I would expect my dividend income to spike at the end of March, June, September, and December.

I did have one stock, however, that did pay during the month of January and as you can see my report. That stock was CubeSmart, which pays on a little different schedule.

They paid me $25.69 in the month of January. I'll take it!

Real Estate

This one is not going to change a whole lot from month to month for me in the beginning.

The only piece of real estate I earn currently (outside of my storage investments) is the duplex I currently live in.

I'm a big believer in house hacking and if you haven't read my article on house hacking yet, check it out here!

As you can see from my report above, I didn't have any repair or capital expenditures during the month of January, so I squeaked out the usual small profit.

Keep in mind I am living in one side of the duplex so when I move out the profits will significantly jump from month to month.

Although I'm not earning big profits from this investment right now, it's still paying huge dividends because I'm building equity and not paying rent anymore.

The cost of my mortgage is covered by the rent I earn from the other side of the duplex.

Pop Machine

For the month of January I'm reporting $0 brought in from this passive income source. However, the machine is working and brining in income, I promise.

I just didn't have time to get to my machine in January. That's the beauty of passive income though, it just keeps working when I'm not there.

You can expect this income to be sporadic as I don't always go and collect from the machine each month.

I'll report the income here on my blog when I go to and count the money.


If I could insert a large sad face here, I would! That's okay though, my blog is new and I know this will take time to build.

I can't wait until I can report my first revenue from this blog. I know it will happen!


I'm a big believer is the self storage industry. So much so, that I own my own self storage company on the side of my day job.

If you want to learn more about my self storage business, go check out its website at

I pull this information straight from my QuickBooks accounting software. For the month of January I made an extra $649.81 after expense!


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